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St.Lawrence Presbyterian Church

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At Easter, one of the four annual special offerings at St. Lawrence Presbyterian Church is dedicated to supporting the Elderly Feeding Program at Viyele Church in Mzuzu. Malawi in Africa.

Twice a week, vulnerable elders in the community, at risk of malnutrition and starvation are brought to the church for a nutritious meal, fellowship and worship. Most of them are raising and educating orphaned grandchildren.

The program was begun by leaders of Viyele Church and is supported by Rosskeen Church in Scotland and St. Lawrence Presbyterian Church. Our donation helps to offset the effects of poverty, crop failures due to droughts and floods, sickness such as HIV/AIDS and Covid19, and runaway inflation.

You can support the work of our church in Mzuzu by giving to our special offering.

APRIL Social Action Spotlight – Ecological Justice and Climate Change

Rising sea levels, expanding deserts, raging forest fires, melting glaciers, overflowing garbage dumps, floating islands of plastic, extreme weather events—the world is in the grips of an ecological crisis. The planet is warming, significantly, affecting life as we know it. Climate change is impacting food production, decreasing biodiversity and rapidly increasing rates of extinction. It is devastating economies, destroying homes and creating ecological refugees. It is also harming mental health, as people express ecological grief, feeling anxious and hopeless about the health of our planet.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada acknowledges that global warming is caused by human activities and that those who have done the least to contribute to the causes suffer disproportionately from its impacts. We believe that those who produce the majority of the greenhouse gases have a special responsibility to do more to stop it and remediate its impacts.

What can you do? Reduce, reuse and recycle! Buy locally grown and in-season foods when you are able. Contact your local MPP and raise the issue of plastic reduction in your municipality (find sample letters to government on the PCC website http://presbyterian.ca/justice/letters-to-the-government

As a congregation, reduce your use of plastics, promote congregational awareness about the impact of climate change and plastics, and organize an environmental audit on your building and practices.

Thursday, April 1 (Maundy Thursday) We give thanks for the leadership of the Rev. Amanda Currie while she served as Moderator and for the support of the Committee to Advise with the Moderator during her term.

Week of: April 5th Mission Moment – Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

Food is central to fellowship, providing both physical and emotional nourishment. Not surprisingly, some of the ministries supported by gifts to Presbyterians Sharing share God’s love through food.

Monday, April 5 (Easter Monday) We pray that we will be filled with the joy of Easter, and live our lives in response to God’s abundant grace.

Wednesday, April 7 We pray for Presbyterian World Service & Development partners walking hand-in-hand with those suffering from tuberculosis, HIV, leprosy and malaria as they journey to health and well-being.

Thursday, April 8 We give thanks for those who have been nominated to serve on the committees of the General Assembly and for the Committee to Nominate Standing Committees as they prepare a slate of nominees for the 2021 General Assembly.

Friday, April 9 We pray for colleague covenant groups and clergy support groups as they support one another and develop healthy perspectives for themselves and their ministries.

Saturday, April 17 We pray for farmers in Guatemala receiving support from Presbyterian World Service & Development to improve their harvests by protecting their soil and water resources.

Sunday April 18 We give thanks for the farmers of our country who work so hard to grow and provide us with the bountiful fresh produce we are able to enjoy at this time of the year

Monday, April 19 We give thanks for camp committees, staff and leaders who have nurtured our faith and enlivened the church, and pray that camping ministries continue to flourish in the PCC.

Tuesday, April 20 We give thanks for music and the choir members, directors and musicians who share their gifts with their congregations. Wednesday, April 21 We pray for the members of the Committee on Education and Reception as they meet this week with the candidates and ministers who have applied to be received into The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Thursday, April 22 (Earth Day) We give thanks for the earth and all creation, and pray for the courage to make hard changes that will protect and preserve the earth’s ecological systems so that all creation may thrive. Friday, April 23 We pray for the staff at Action Réfugiés Montréal as they provide hope and assistance to asylum-seekers and refugeed people in Canada.

Saturday, April 24 We pray for PCC mission partners who are facing so many new challenges and striving to find safe and economical ways to respond to so many enduring needs.

April 25 (Mission Awareness Sunday) We remember in prayer and give thanks for all former and current mission staff who, in faith, accepted God’s call to participate in God’s mission in Canada and globally.

Tuesday, April 27 We pray for congregations that are concerned about finances, and that God will provide the resources they need to continue the ministry they are called to do.

Wednesday, April 28 We pray that congregations that are searching for a new minister will be filled with hope, wisdom and patience.

Thursday, April 29 We pray for the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning as it works to build a society and churches that fully honour diversity and God’s unequivocal welcome.

Friday, April 30 We pray for university students completing the academic year, that God brings them peace as they complete this part of their journey and move on to the next.


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