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St.Lawrence Presbyterian Church

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Covid Updates - September 6, 2020

On Monday, Session met to discuss the possibilities for public worship going forward, in the presbterain church, session decides when we hold worship, it's order and the moderator/minister decides it's content.

After much discussion, and going over the congregation wide survey, this is what was decided.

We will continue to live stream our worship primarily, we will not be opening, for at least 1 more month for public worship.This will be combined with a monthly newsletter.

We right now are considering the possibility of opening the church up to a small group of non-internet connected people so that they can be connected in worship with us. There also might be room for a group of 5 or so people to reserve a spot in worship.

We pray as a session and as a church that we can continue to be safe as well as to be loving in the way in which we approach worship.

Thanks everyone for your continued support as we work through this difficult time.
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